Recruitment outsourcing in Singapore

Page Outsourcing Singapore offers consultancy, RPO-on-demand and full RPO & MSP solutions. Since it is a small, but a very expensive country in which to do business, it presents a unique set of challenges. Among them is a limited talent pool, particularly in key areas like fulfilling information technology roles across all the different functions of the industry from cloud management, software development life cycle (SDLC) and developers, to quality assurance (QA) analysts and project managers. Page Outsourcing’s joined-up approach and high-level analysis of market conditions offer an invaluable asset in this increasingly complex market.  

A robust and agile approach to upskilling and reskilling teams
Singapore businesses have always needed candidates coming from overseas to supplement, complement and augment their existing pool of talent – an inflow that was severely restricted during the pandemic. The government responded quickly and invested in multiple schemes and grants to encourage companies to upskill and reskill, but experienced partners like Page Outsourcing were essential in ensuring their success, particularly where extensive training schemes were necessary to bring junior-level personnel up to speed. As the economy starts to open up again, clients are recognising the importance of investing in trainings and support needed to create a skilled workforce and are now taking a more collaborative approach in their recruitment strategies. 

Streamlining processes through experienced, highly-skilled recruiters
Page Outsourcing Singapore is extremely focused on providing honest, solution-led answers to businesses challenges. In a country like Singapore, where many clients want to quickly and seamlessly find talent who answers all their recruitment needs and can be ready to work immediately, managing expectations is key to setting realistic, achievable goals. Adjusting the timeline to hire, managing the availability of the talent pool according to the project, and providing experienced recruiters to streamline the process are just some of the solutions Page Outsourcing offers. In addition, if the talent pool for a specific project doesn’t exist, the extensive global network and highly specialised, multi-disciplinary teams of Page Outsourcing Singapore, have the tools to create it. 

The future for outsourcing is bright
Singapore has proven itself a safe and sensible haven for business, backed by a government that is always supportive of incoming investment. With increasing numbers of companies looking to grow their businesses in this location, Page Outsourcing Singapore looks forward to many exciting partnership opportunities in the months and years ahead.

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