What is Total Talent Acquisition

In an age of rapidly evolving business trends and customer expectations, you may find that the talent acquisition strategies that worked for you in the past no longer meet your requirements. You need to fill roles quickly, but it isn’t always clear whether you need permanent hires, contingent talent or some combination of the two. As a result, you need a holistic, agile and flexible workforce management strategy.

Total Talent Acquisition

Enter Total Talent Acquisition or TTA. Also known as total talent management, this innovative solution is designed for organisations with complex and often overlapping talent needs. It allows you to outsource your permanent and contingent hiring to a single service provider, giving you complete visibility of your entire workforce, regardless of the type of hire. At any given moment, you have total oversight of who is working for you, where they are based, the length of their contract and the cost of their labour.

The benefits of Total Talent Acquisition

A growing number of organisations are engaging a single workforce solution provider to manage their permanent and non-permanent hires. Some of the benefits of Total Talent Acquisition include:

  • Wider talent pools. Total Talent Acquisition allows organisations to share candidates across permanent and contingent pools.
  • Efficient skills deployment. With the ability to evaluate skills availability across the entire workforce, you can deploy resources where they’re most needed and respond quickly to evolving business strategies.
  • Greater flexibility for hiring managers. With one process, one supplier and a single talent ecosystem, a TTA solution makes it easy for hiring managers to assess their needs and start their search. 
  • Simplified contracts. Organisations benefit from having a single contract with the Total Talent Acquisition provider, as well as centralised invoicing, communications and reporting. 
  • Enhanced analytics. Complete visibility over your contingent and permanent talent maximises the workforce data at your disposal. When integrated with market data, you can use these “total talent analytics” to identify skills gaps, target recruitment efforts and adapt to shifting market conditions.
  • Strengthened employer brand. By leaning into TTA’s modern and innovative approach to talent integration, you can position yourself as an employer of choice for both permanent and contingent workers.
  • Cost benefits. With a Total Talent Acquisition solution, you can streamline the resources needed to manage both temporary and permanent recruitment. Over the longer term, companies that standardise their talent operations may also significantly reduce their investment in permanent staff.

Key takeaways

Total Talent Acquisition can improve business performance by making your workforce more agile and scalable. Productivity and performance both benefit from easy access to top-tier talent. 

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