Why PO for MSP

True workforce agility is within your grasp. By shifting more of your functions to contingent and contract roles, you can lower costs, drive greater business value and improve your performance in areas like diversity and inclusion.

Powered by cutting-edge technology and backed by PageGroup's unrivaled candidate database, Page Outsourcing's Managed Services Programs (MSPs) provide the most flexible approach to contingent workforce management available.

Managed services made simple

If you run a large or expanding contingent workforce, one thing's for sure: you don't need more complexity in your life. From lack of visibility on spend and headcount to high attrition rates and poor access to skilled talent, the challenges can quickly mount up.

In these circumstances, the last thing you want is a recruitment outsourcing consultant who doesn't understand your industry and is more interested in talking about their MSPs, TTAs and RPOs than discussing your capabilities and pain points in plain language.

We get it. That's why every Managed Services Programme administered by Page Outsourcing is unique and tailor-made. Once we've understood your strengths, vulnerabilities and market positioning, we can design a talent management program that scales at a cost that provides ongoing value to your organisation.

But first things first. We’re here to listen.

Access to PageGroup’s unrivalled infrastructure

As your organization responds to changing market conditions, you rely on business intelligence, analytics and sometimes just your instincts to stay ahead of the competition. Where are the best markets for recruiting the talent you need? Is your contingent workforce diverse enough to match your employer brand? Can you re-engage contingent talent as quickly as you engage it?

With four decades of experience in the contingent workspace, PageGroup has the infrastructure and insights you need to drive your journey towards becoming a talent-driven organisation. Backed by the other brands in PageGroup and their unrivalled global candidate databases, Page Outsourcing can quickly connect you to the talent you need, right when you need it.

Multi-country solutions for global talent needs

These days, all the world's a talent pool. But it could be that your global needs have outgrown your in-house capabilities. Your talent acquisition team may have everything covered in your own market but struggle when looking overseas.

Consider outsourcing your contingent workforce functions to a partner like Page Outsourcing, with its deep knowledge of local work cultures, compliance regimes and salary scales. And by outsourcing functions in multiple markets to a single partner like Page, you can achieve optimal buying power and economies of scale.

Best-in-class support throughout the SOW lifecycle

As our clients procure more and more services from external providers, our MSP offerings have evolved to include statement of work (SOW) administration and management. 

Page Outsourcing’s SOW programmes are banded into three levels of service to offer maximum choice and flexibility to our clients:

1. Administration management — This popular support service is designed to alleviate the burden on procurement professionals. Tasks undertaken throughout the lifecycle include validation/triage of SOW requisitions, SOW auditing and worker onboarding and tracking.

2. Tender coordination — Our middle-tier service allows procurement teams to focus on strategic decisions while we manage the processes. Core tasks include supplier identification, RFI documentation collation, supplier engagement and scorecard collation.

3. End-to-end bid management — In our top-tier SOW model, Page Outsourcing takes responsibility for the entire bid management process for competitive tenders. We deploy a specialist team of procurement experts, often based onsite, to work closely with buyers to identify top suppliers, engage with them to obtain RFI/RFP documents and produce a fair and effective scorecard.

A positive experience for both line managers and applicants

Success breeds success. A Managed Service Program that generates positive outcomes and experiences for line managers and candidates drives improved performance and stakeholder engagement across the whole organisation. 

From initial screening and onboarding to payroll and offboarding, Page Outsourcing works closely with candidates and managers to ensure all parties have the best possible experience from day one. From hiring manager satisfaction surveys to supplier summits and QBRs, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to driving performance and fostering a collaborative partnership — all with the aim of delivering maximum value.

Let’s talk about your needs

Are you focused on workforce agility? Do you want to achieve greater cost savings and process standardisation? Are you interested in an approach to contingent workforce management driven by data and market intelligence? Then let’s talk today about how we can help you build a talent-driven organisation.

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