Strategic outsourcing solutions for business transformations 

Welcome to our RPO & High-volume Hiring Playbook, a guide to some of the models of partnership Page Outsourcing provides for outsourced recruitment.

What is RPO?

RPO means recruitment process outsourcing. RPO is a type of managed service recruitment model where companies outsource some or all of their recruitment functions or talent acquisition processes to a third party.

High-volume hiring projects are needed when a company’s team of talent acquisition specialists or human resource specialists do not have the capacity to complete the high-volume hiring a project requires.

RPO is an important part of staffing newly created Shared Services Centres (SSC), Centres of Excellence (CoE) or operational hubs. These types of projects often need mass hiring into the hundreds of profiles, a task normally beyond many internal teams and recruitment consultants due to existing workloads.

Download the RPO and High-volume Hiring Playbook today to read about:

  • High-volume recruitment, 
  • Managed services and SSC set-up and staffing, 
  • High-volume hiring for governments, 
  • Change and transformation consultancy  

How can the RPO & High-volume Hiring Playbook help me?

Businesses around the world are in an ever-increasing race for talent.

If a project needs a high-volume of candidates, to set-up and staff an SSC or expand into a new country or region for example, volume talent acquisition can deeply affect the amount of talent available. 

Using a managed service provider (or recruitment process outsourcing RPO specialist) like Page Outsourcing can help you successfully implement a business transformation, even when volume talent acquisition seems beyond your current capabilities.

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