Why Choose Page Outsourcing as your RPO provider?

Whether your business is technology or textiles, you need the right talent to succeed. But even the best HR departments often lack the resources and global market awareness to help hiring managers fill skills gaps and quickly scale up their teams.
That’s where we come in. Every Page Outsourcing RPO is a partnership in which HR departments, hiring managers and our teams of RPO specialists work together to hire the talent you need at the volumes you need— and fast. 

Bespoke solutions for all your talent needs

To run a high-volume project successfully, you need clear objectives and an integrated approach. Do the key stakeholders understand why you’re changing your setup? What technology do you need to drive this transformation? Who is going to lead and manage the change?

Even if your hiring volumes are lower, you may still be looking for a dedicated team to improve and/or create your recruitment process (external or internal), organise assessments, conduct market mapping and more. 

Page Outsourcing can build a tailor-made solution to help your business reach its full potential. Our goal is to become your trusted adviser with a data-based approach.

We help you cut through the noise by dividing each RPO into two critical stages: design and implementation. During the design stage, you’ll establish clarity on what you’ll achieve, when you’ll achieve it and how you’ll measure success. This roadmap helps you to calculate your return on investment and get buy-in for the RPO across the organisation. 
Our dedicated implementation teams build on the design team’s work to help you attract the best candidates, boost productivity, and cut costs. Embedded teams can include project managers, recruiters, and account directors, all seamlessly integrated with your HR department and internal systems. When partnering on a high-volume hiring initiative, your goals become our goals.

We can also use our specialised capabilities and market knowledge to select, manage and pay your recruitment vendors, liberating you from these day-to-day administrative responsibilities to focus on more strategic tasks.

We understand your market

Competing in a global marketplace is time and resource intensive. That’s why Page Outsourcing solutions take a client-focused, multi-country approach, helping you do business in multiple currencies, languages, time zones and cultures.
With consultants across the globe, Page Outsourcing has its fingers on the pulse of your local talent market and sourcing channels and will keep you updated as conditions change. And because the talent market is a two-way street, we help you assess the impact of your projects on local talent pools so that you can confidently launch new initiatives.

The power of PageGroup

Each Page Outsourcing team includes dedicated RPO specialists and recruiters deeply rooted in your local market. We can also draw on the expertise and experience of consultants from PageGroup’s other brands: Page Personnel, Michael Page, and Page Executive. Our unrivalled candidate databases give you access to diverse talent pools, from entry-level software engineers to C-suite execs. At a global level, our network or shared services centres provide services like recruitment administration, candidate sourcing and financial management. 

Recruitment technology tailored to your needs

All too often, recruitment technology is a solution in search of a problem. Or it’s poorly integrated across your business units, so one system struggles to communicate with another. So, while Page Outsourcing uses state-of-the-art technology, from applicant tracking systems to AI-powered sourcing software, our priority is always to identify and deploy the tools best suited to your needs. 

A commitment to diversity

Do you believe in the value of a diverse and inclusive workforce? So do we. Page Outsourcing has led the way in diversity and inclusion in the recruitment industry. We work closely with our clients to source and recruit from a truly diverse talent pool, supporting their DE&I strategies while providing them with the best possible candidates. 

Are you ready to talk about your RPO?

What do you want to achieve? With the right talent in place, you can expand your client base, fill your skills gaps, launch new products and initiatives, and so much more. Our bespoke RPOs can deliver you that talent, taking the strain from your in-house functions and integrating all your hiring processes into one streamlined solution. Contact us today to discuss how recruitment process outsourcing can help you deliver on your vision.

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