Why Page Outsourcing for your TTA?

Working Together to Achieve Total Talent Management

What’s so exciting about Total Talent Acquisition (TTA)? First and foremost, it gives you visibility over your total workforce, permanent and contingent, so that you can make strategic talent decisions and act upon them quickly.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. Perhaps your talent HR solutions setup is fragmented, with permanent and temporary hiring given separate reporting lines and ownership. Total Talent Acquisition replaces this artificial configuration and weaves multiple recruiting functions into a single talent solution.

Page Outsourcing and Your Total Workforce

Page Outsourcing specializes in total talent HR solutions, tailored to your needs. Your hiring managers can tap into the talent they need — permanent, contingent, contract, gig, temp to perm and so on — with a single phone call, email or text message. And just as important as making your managers happy, our TTA services optimize the candidate experience, offering talent a single route into a business rather than a maze of different ones. 

Total Talent Visibility

It’s impossible to measure your workforce’s overall productivity and performance if you’re only looking at one side of the talent coin. Instead of looking at your org chart with one eye closed, Total Talent Acquisition allows you to see all workforce data in one place so that you can make truly data-driven decisions around talent spend, skills deployment and other business-critical issues.

To help you achieve this 360-degree perspective, Page Outsourcing’s TTA teams immerse themselves in your organisation, working with internal teams to understand your business and its needs. We help you clarify what you want to achieve, where your business transformation can take you and who will manage this change.  

Transparency and trust

Total Talent Acquisition is a trust-based process. You’re in the driving seat, but we prioritize building trust in our day-to-day delivery of the recruitment plan. We aim to be a single point of truth regarding market conditions, available talent, time frames and progress towards any agreed objectives. Trust has to be earned, of course, which is why our specialist implementation team will walk you through the first six months of the plan so that a clear roadmap is established before a single hire has been made.

Talent without borders

Page Outsourcing is a global company with four decades of experience recruiting permanent and contingent talent. By tapping the unsurpassed candidate databases of our PageGroup sister brands, we can use advanced market mapping to help you understand the local and global talent markets, updating you as conditions change. Total Talent Acquisition empowers you to access any hiring or workforce management solution through a single organisation, from contingent hiring and executive search to upskilling programmes and change management consulting. 

Even at high volume, TTA is more than just a numbers game. In candidate-short markets, employee value proposition matters. Career paths matter. Upskilling, internal mobility, hiring for potential — all of these strategies matter if you want to gain or maintain a competitive advantage. Page Outsourcing can help you tell your story in compelling ways to attract a bigger, better, more diverse pool of candidates. 

Time for TTA?

Total Talent Acquisition could be the next and most significant step in your business transformation. Please contact us today if you’d like to talk about a holistic, data-driven approach to your permanent and contingent talent needs. 

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