At PageGroup, we reflect our commitment to DE&I in our consistent effort to maintain and elevate a work culture that values and supports our employees.

We believe DE&I solutions have shifted from a “nice to have” to a business imperative. 

While also a moral good, the commercial benefits of DE&I to both businesses and individuals is supported by research.

This eBook will promote, through argumentation, data, and case studies, the benefits of DE&I, along with tips for practical implementation. 

Download the eBook to learn more about:

  • How companies who implement DE&I perform better
  • What the new generation of employees think
  • Case studies that demonstrate how to reach your hiring quotas and satisfy diversity expectations
  • A guide on implementing DE&I 
  • How Page Outsourcing can help you

Lived Experience

PageGroup has implemented the DE&I practices we promote within our eBook. We recognise and appreciate that every individual is different. We want to ensure our people are comfortable in being their authentic selves at work. From these experiences, we know first-hand what we can suggest to our clients.

Page Outsourcing can help you find the skills you need to implement diversity, equity and inclusion.

We’re a global company with local experts who understand their country. We have created client solution teams in the UK, Brazil, Italy and Singapore to dive deeper into their specific cultural knowledge if and when needed. Their unique backgrounds deliver distinctive insights specific to each region.

Learn how Page Outsourcing worked to 

  • Source 100+ IT professionals for an NYC-based luxury fashion company,
  • Hire 42 technical positions for a French multinational digital automation and energy management company
  • Hire women in tech for  Unilever’s Data & Analytics team in UK, India, Brazil, and Singapore.
  • Recruit professionals with disabilities for a Brazilian mining company

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