RPO solutions and specialised recruitment projects for Argentina

Page Outsourcing and Argentina’s job market

Page Outsourcing is the strategic ally your company needs to recruit professionals. Hiring can prove difficult in Argentina’s continuously changing labour market given how complex regulations are; we regularly overcome challenges like this thanks to the adaptability of our specialised recruitment services which, coupled with our huge candidate database, makes us a talent selection leader.

Page Outsourcing provides comprehensive, specialised recruitment services that fit the individual needs of customers, with a focus on project management to ensure world-class service.

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What services does Page Outsourcing provide?

Here at Page Outsourcing we deliver innovative solutions, custom-designed for our customers. We specialise in setting up Shared Service Centers in Argentina, increasing efficiency and lowering costs for the companies that trust us. We also provide specialised technology services with expert professionals, without losing sight of traditional areas. Argentina’s time zone makes it possible for us to provide services from West Coast US to Europe, including other major markets such as Brazil, Mexico and Canada.

DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) principles are present throughout all our operations, helping all social groups stay actively involved. Furthermore, we are committed to having a strong EVP (Employee Value Proposition) focused on a solid employer branding strategy.

All our services are guaranteed and monitored by a project manager, who keeps track of progress and provides constant feedback and metric status updates. Page Outsourcing provides the following services:

RPO on demand

RPO on demand

This is perfect for companies who usually look to hire talent quickly for season-based work, turnover or a busy project pipeline.

It’s a short-term service focused on a specific recruitment need; how many resources are assigned will depend on what is needed to meet the goals and hiring times of the customer’s request. Projects are directly managed by specialised consultants.

Customers will be sent CVs as frequently as specified beforehand.

RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing

This is the service we recommend for companies with year-round hiring requirements.

It's a long-term and end-to-end model, covering everything from identifying recruitment needs to providing solutions, innovation, all the way to onboarding.

A detailed analysis of the operation is drawn up periodically and broken down into stages to assess outcomes and project success.

This service helps us build a long-term relationship, showing a high success rate once the learning curve is over.



Consulting services focus on four major themes: career shifts, digital transformation, diversity and inclusion, legislation and best practices.

They provide assessments with key labour market and job information backed by thorough data analysis.


Why trust us?

Page Outsourcing is part of PageGroup, which boasts a strong track record in hiring and selection, over 7,000 employees around the world and operations in over 35 countries, providing support, reliability and a global outlook. Plus, Page Outsourcing services are guaranteed to ensure you find the solution your company needs.

Here at Page Outsourcing we know how important it is to keep a steady stream of candidates to provide world-class service. This is why we work hard to constantly improve our talent attraction methodology.











We start off by assessing the customer’s needs.

We custom design the best sales proposal, set a price and pitch it to the customer.

Ensuring a successful outcome by setting KPIs and goals to streamline the process.

Helping decision-making and providing information on market trends.

Launching the project and carrying out everything from looking for talent to onboarding.

All these stages will focus on ensuring both candidates and customers have a great experience and are happy with the outcomes.

Page Outsourcing: custom solutions for your company

Here at Page Outsourcing we provide custom-designed services to fit your company’s requirements and help you grow, while we watch you undergo a strategic transformation. No two companies are alike, which is why we give special consideration to your requests and custom design our proposals to keep all our customers happy.

Do you have a specialised hiring project and need advice? Get in touch.

Your Page Outsourcing contact in Argentina

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Sr Director

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Managing Director LATAM

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