“I’ve always been motivated by strong leadership and strategic mindsets, and Page Outsourcing is a melting pot of the best people in the industry.”

Lars Fischer joined the PageGroup Finance & Accounting team in 2010, and then worked across multiple disciplines including banking, and sales and marketing. In 2015 he moved to South Africa where he took on a Senior Leadership role looking after recruitment both there, and across Sub-Saharan Africa.

He returned to Hamburg in 2020 to look after the contracting side of the business, and joined Page Outsourcing at the end of 2021 attracted by the opportunity to tackle much more complex business challenges. 

After graduating in optometry and business in 2008, Lars spent his first three years working in business consulting focused on transformations, start-up advisory and business rescue. A problem solver by nature he’s a highly trusted advisor with a fresh approach to working with clients, consistently delivers above expectation and is skilled at establishing long term relationships. 

In his spare time, Lars loves music, reading and early morning workouts, but first and foremost he’s a father and husband, with a love of gardening and having friends over for a big, family style brunch. 

Lars Fischer
Lars Fischer
Senior Director Business Development
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