“Page Outsourcing helps companies create ecosystems where professionals achieve their potential through strong cultural and environmental practices.”

Fabrícia Antúnes joined PageGroup in 2007, keen to work for a best-in-league company that would provide plenty of opportunities for personal growth. She’s since worked across numerous different divisions and projects in Portugal, Brazil and since 2014 in Mexico, where she led the start-up for Page Outsourcing. 

Fabrícia has a degree in business management and excels in supporting candidates along different career paths, as well as ensuring clients achieve their best-practice strategies from sustainable growth and cost reductions to establishing solid DE&I and ESG initiatives. She thrives in an environment of continuous learning where out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged to build a dynamic, forward-thinking brand. 

Known for strong listening skills, Fabrícia takes an honest and straightforward approach to challenges. Having specialised in high-volume recruitment projects for several years, she believes the key to attracting and retaining staff in the future will come down to a growth mindset, thoughtfully analysing risk areas and strong employer branding.  

Outside of work, she’s never happier than when laughing and joking around with her three children, husband, sister and two nephews.

Fabrícia Antúnes
Managing Director
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