Nic has more than 15 years of recruitment experience across multiple locations, UK, Australia and Malaysia. During this time, he has played a key role in leading high volume recruitment projects resulting in an in-depth understanding of the outsourcing market. As a result, Nic is able to quickly understand a clients need and design and deliver the necessary recruitment solutions required to ensure an organisations hiring and corporate objectives are met.

Nic’s core skills include:

  • Developing high volume project management and delivery solutions
  • Developing long-term talent acquisition strategies
  • Workforce planning, employee retention & talent development
  • Leading flexible and scalable teams without compromising quality
  • Using technology and data to improve project hiring conversion rates and efficiency  

Nic has partnered with some of the world’s most well-known multi-national brands, leading project recruitment teams that have successfully changed the lives of thousands of candidates and clients a like.

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Nic Chambers
Regional Director
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