How Agile Organisations Succeed in Candidate Short Markets

Even in tight labour markets, organisations have usually been able to access the skills they need through traditional hiring strategies. Most businesses and recruiters have talent pools they return to time and time again when looking for candidates.

2021 was the year when many of those talent pools ran dry. Pent-up demand caused by pandemic lockdowns and the voracious consumer appetite for digital interactions has left companies needing to grow their teams and expand their skills base — fast. In this kind of market, talented candidates often find themselves juggling several offers, while employees are voluntarily quitting their positions in record numbers in a phenomenon dubbed “The Great Resignation”.

This eBook is part of Page Outsourcing’s drive to help organisations reimagine the way they think about skills and the places they look for talent. It highlights three talent acquisition & development strategies that can help companies thrive in candidate-short markets:

  • Internal mobility — What if the talent you need is just down the corridor?
  • Upskilling/reskilling — What are you doing to unlock the potential in your existing workforce?
  • Hiring for potential — Are you taking enough chances on imperfect candidates who have the capacity and determination to learn on the job?

But don’t just take our word for it! As well as expert advice from Page Outsourcing’s global team of consultants, this eBook is packed with insights from executives, managers and recruiters at some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies, from financial services multinationals to renewable energy giants. 

Uber, Unosquare, Vestas, Visa, Vivo Telefonica Logos

Download the Unexplored Talent Pool eBook today to learn:

  • How Page Outsourcing believes that internal mobility campaigns can meet at least 30% of our clients’ hiring needs.
  • How a receptionist at Unosquare, one of Mexico’s biggest software development firms, became a senior recruiter thanks to upskilling and mentorship.
  • Why financial services multinational Visa filled 40% of its European vacancies in 2021 with internal candidates.
  • How the talent acquisition team at Vivo, Brazil’s largest telecommunications company, doubled the number of internal hires in less than two years.
  • Why wind turbine giant Vestas Wind Systems uses a Talent Brokering team to identify, upskill and promote internal talent.
  • How building environment pioneer Johnson Controls is adapting to a software-driven future by hiring digital natives and creating digital migrants.
  • How Uber is training managers in interviewing strategies to help them hire for potential… and much more.

 How Page Outsourcing can help you find the skills you need

With our global footprint and access to PageGroup’s unrivalled candidate database, Page Outsourcing is uniquely placed to help you explore new talent pools. From internal mobility concierge services to graduate programmes, our bespoke solutions give you the tools you need to thrive in this unprecedented market.

Contact us today and let’s talk about how a partnership with Page Outsourcing can unlock your organisation’s hidden potential.

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