“Page Outsourcing in the Chinese Mainland presents a golden opportunity to build something ground-breaking from scratch, with the support of a well-established, expert team who have the know-how, and resources, to see it through.” 

Alex graduated with a marketing degree from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. In 2010, he joined a Vancouver-based firm where he was the liaison between the China operation and the Vancouver headquarter. The opportunity to become Sales Director and develop a national sales network led him back to China in 2013, but when the China-US tariff war took place with threatened political instability, he ventured into the HR industry and joined Page Outsourcing in January 2022.

In a market where RPO is growing exponentially, Alex envisages building the business on a large scale. Highly goal-driven, he is inspired by a team who have an outstanding work ethic and collaborative spirit, and looks forward to changing the lives of candidates, while furthering his clients’ business growth, by creating tailor-made solutions for both sides.  

Before starting his career, Alex was a semi-professional fencer and represented China at the World Championship for Junior Fencing in Chicago. More recently he’s taken to globe-trotting with his son, including several road trips around the Chinese Mainland, as well as visiting Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. 

Alex Li
Alex Li
Head of Sales
The Chinese Mainland
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