700 positions filled in Spain

Project details:

One of the world’s leading international tobacco company was launching a ‘revolutionary’ product globally. In Spain, they needed a huge sales team to amplify the product. In first instance they asked Page Outsourcing to fill 250 vacancies. 


Location: Spain
Type of project: Recruitment outsourcing, RPO
Size of the project: More than 500 people
Timeframe: One year
Functions: Sales
Placements: 1,200


The Brief:

  • We set up a dedicated team, responsible for coordinating three offices in Spain

  • Developed a mini website to attract the right candidates

  • Used our internal database, social media channels and online advertisement to engage people

  • To support the employer branding we set up group interviews, assessments and role plays

We successfully managed to recruit the initial 250 positions for which we were hired and the client asked us to support them with over 750 extra placements. 

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