160 Customer Service placements in France

Project details:

A French car rental company, known for delivering mobility solutions worldwide through an extensive network in 135 countries had great difficulty recruiting Customer Service profiles, a recurring need during seasonal peaks.


Location: France
Type of project: Recruitment outsourcing, RPO
Size of the Project: Between 100-500 people
Timeframe: 2 years
Functions: Customer service
Placements: 160


The Brief:

  • Tasked to recruit customer oriented candidates with special ability to advise and sell
  • High level of English required
  • The client needed to save time to improve the quality of their recruitment process, within a limited budget

We setup a proactive and innovative sourcing strategy and deployed a qualitative and comprehensive assessment process. Those actions allowed us to help our client to reduce their turnover in 18% and reduce the time to fill a position from two months to three weeks.

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