future of recruitment for shared services centres

What’s next for global business services?

The past two years have seen an unprecedented shift in how global talent (re) evaluates its expectations. An organisation’s approach to key areas like wellbeing, diversity, equity, and inclusion can make or break its talent attraction and retention capacity. Throw new trends like hybrid working into the mix, and global leaders and recruiters are facing a colossal common challenge: How to ensure a reliable supply of skilled employees… in a candidate’s market.  

Agility is the name of the game in today’s ever-changing global business landscape. With so many new definitions and dynamics popping up, shared service centers have had to hit the ground running. A vast majority have been driven to radically rethink their recruitment strategies. So, what are the key success factors to bear in mind? 

Dynamising – but not disrupting – existing processes

In this podcast – Episode #24 of the SSON NEXT series  – Charlie Chang, Global Talent Acquisition Leader and Director at Page Outsourcing in Manila, Philippines, and the SSON host, Barbara Hodge, examine key trends driving the global business services sector, as well as analysing relevant facts and stats on what draws talent towards an organisation – or drives it away.

This episode thoughtfully explores how outsourcing recruitment to a trusted partner can provide GBS with a one-stop-shop for all their recruitment needs – and could offer a potent cure for recurring headaches brought on by dealing with multiple vendors, invoicing, and the “three-year itch”.

Building tomorrow’s talent base, today

What does Total Talent Services entail? What are the benefits of securing an outsourcing partner to fulfill all recruiting demands? How do the needs of employers and employees differ at global and regional levels – and what do GBS really need to know in order to attract and retain top talent? 

For answers to all these questions and more, check out this episode, and benefit from expert insight.

Agents of transformation

From employer branding to clear recruitment strategies, marketing insights to internal mobility, tune in and find out how outsourcing can transform a GBS recruitment process from par for the course to par excellence.

Discover how optimising the onboarding process can future-proof companies in a global services context where – as we’ve all seen – major reformatting is the new normal. Learn how a deep understanding of the talent landscape, and a solid infrastructure can help a GBS to build robust sourcing channels that optimise its recruitment capacity and capabilities. 

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