Project details: Anticipating a series of retirements over the next few years, an energy leader wanted to ensure the durability of their technical skills by recruiting around 3,500 people in 6 years. The roles cover every sector of expertise, from energy generation to trading and transmission grids.  

Type of project: Recruitment outsourcing, RPO

Size of the project: More than 500 people

Timeframe: 6 years

Functions: Technical

Placements: 3,500

The Brief:

  • Strong client commitment to diversity and equal opportunity 
  • Strict compliance needed with the client’s recruitment IT system  
  • Beginner or experienced technical profiles required 

We created a dedicated team made up of a project manager and 16 recruiters: eight devoted to sourcing and eight were assigned to evaluating candidates. 

Our team sourced and managed candidates using the client’s ATS / HRIS and our internal databases, as well as job boards and social networks.  

This project was an exhaustive recruitment process for which we evaluated over 4,750 candidates face to face: three candidates per shortlist within six weeks. 

By the end of the project, the hiring managers satisfaction rate was 95%.

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