Project details:

As part of their expansion in Asia, one of the world’s leading tech companies was looking to hire for niche, highly technical roles in Singapore, Hong Kong, India & Japan. These professionals would need to work in remote locations.  

Location: Singapore, India, Hong Kong and Japan
Type of project: Recruitment outsourcing, RPO
Size of the project: Less than 100
Timeframe: June 2021 - Present
Functions: Highly skilled technical roles
Placements: 6 to date

The Brief:

In general, the client has no issues attracting talent due to its strong employer brand. However, the client has exhausted its resources finding professionals in these markets who meet all the following criteria:

  • Willing to work in remote locations
  • Possessing the required technical skill set
  • Strong cultural fit

Our Solution:

The technical nature of the roles and the lack of suitable talent in some of these markets meant that we had to think beyond classic strategies like market mapping.  Furthermore, each market had unique challenges to navigate, from ongoing COVID flare-ups to political instability. Key aspects of our solution included:

  • Regional collaboration: Coordination between teams in India, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong helped us deepen the talent pool and give candidates the broadest possible choice of work location. It also meant we could offer the client in-depth weekly reporting for every location. 
  • Internal mobility: Job titles are highly valued in Asia, but this client has a flat organisational structure. To mitigate this, the client agreed to offer successful candidates the chance to transition to another team (HR, programming, operations, etc.) after 2-3 years. The client also agreed to offer training programmes, which meant we could pursue candidates with potential as well as ones with a proven track record.
  • Leveraging our networks: One of our first moves was to tap our alumni network, comprising talented professionals we knew would be good cultural fits for these markets. We also looked at people in R&D teams who had the skill sets we were looking for and teams in smaller organisations conducting the same work.

The Impact:

  • Over 8 weeks, we prescreened numerous candidates and conducted 3 stages of scenario-based interviews
  • 6 candidates placed out of a total of 12 requested
  • Client was extremely satisfied with our services throughout the process and wants to engage Page Outsourcing for additional roles

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