Project details:

A global consumer products brand which was setting up their Asia Pacific regional office in Singapore needed to hire over 50 professionals, from mid to senior level, across a range of different functions.

Location: Singapore
Type of project: Recruitment outsourcing, RPO
Size of the project: Less than 100 people
Timeframe: 15 months
Functions: Multi-function
Placements: 53

The Brief:

  • Tasked to hire mid to senior professionals at multi-function
  • Looking for cost-effective, one-stop solution
  • Quick and targeted access to high quality candidate profiles

A team of specialist consultants was appointed to best support and manage the recruitment activity. For each vacacncy, our team met with both the client's HR business partner and the position's hiring manager to achieve alignment on candidate profile and timelines.

We developed targeted advertising solutions that included a minisite, a Google Adwords campaignm strong social media promotion encompassing both LinkedIn and Facebook, and targeted advertising across a large number of local and regional job boards.

We also organised dedicated recruitment days at our centrally-located office to streamline and speed up the recruitment process. This activity allowed us to assess a large number of candidates.

In 15 months we managed to successfully fill 53 vacancies in Singapore, plus over 100 positions for the same client in multiple locations.

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