How to Tackle Fear of Change in the Ever-Evolving Business Environment

Change can be a thorny issue. But it doesn’t come down to organisations, so much as the individuals driving those changes. After all, they are the ones responsible for improving things, whether that’s a service, speed of deployment or cost reductions. For many, fear of change makes it easier to stay where they are rather than move forward. 

So, let’s look at change management more closely. Put simply, it’s about addressing business areas that have challenges and providing flexible new solutions. But before you do that, you need to explain what needs to be done, the processes for getting there, and the work streams you’ll need put in place to succeed — and that’s where a solid RPO comes in.

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Mitigating risk with a solid RPO

All too often the change process happens to people, rather than making them part of it. A good RPO by contrast comes in with a robust project team who are there to integrate the people with the change. They manage the implementation and collateral through regular risk reviews, open and transparent conversations, and building an agile, resilient team. They bolster the client's resources, join briefing sessions to hiring managers and ensure processes are properly understood, trained and evolving in the right direction.

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Capture the ‘voice of your internal stakeholders’ 

At Page Outsourcing, we start by doing high-level prep work within your organisation to understand the ‘voice of your internal stakeholders’. We’ll ask where the challenges are today, what works, what doesn't, and what changes they would like to see in the future — price, better shortlisting, improved engagement for example — thus providing a solid baseline for communicating the change and defining our service level agreements (SLAs).

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Taking a true partnership approach 

Change takes time. Deep planning has to happen first by involving individuals in what's required, and then committing to a timeline that’s realistic and achievable on both the RPO and client side. 

Page Outsourcing backs this up with a rigorous governance structure that gives senior individuals within the organisation visibility of the project through monthly, or quarterly reviews, real data, and most critically of all, a continuous improvement plan (CIP). 

A CIP is where we identify other areas that could still be developed, such as the deployment of new technology, cost-benefits attached to moving to different offshore locations, or providing the business with training and development of their staff.   

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Going the extra mile, one RPO at a time 

As organisations change, your management teams and employees need to be able to adapt with them. Commitment and delivery against SLAs is crucial, but as your trusted partner — whether that’s looking at different types of candidates in different locations, providing market insights, tech know-how or partnering on the thornier aspects of doing business in an ever-evolving landscape — we go the extra mile. We really do occupy our clients’ worlds, working to their values and striving to become real-time brand ambassadors as they move toward the future. 

To unleash your company’s full potential through effective change management, contact Page Outsourcing today.  

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